Fate 101

Of course we moderns don’t like the ancient idea of fate since we live in the land of freedom, opportunity and possibility. We prefer to believe that the future is wide open. Generally speaking this is true; specifically it is not. For instance: you enjoy music, you are modestly talented, you like to think you could be a great composer (if only you worked long and hard enough exploring the great mysteries of music, if only you had enough time!)

Ah, there’s the rub–you have a mundane job/family/social life/ dog and cat. You weren’t born wildly brilliant–so you don’t have enough time or talent to become a great musician. But still you have enough time for music (or anything else you truly love ) to become moderately good at it or at least as good as you can be given the amount of time you apply to it with your modest aptitude. You must admit you are not going to become a world-renowned artist.

(What? You are limited by your–fate? Ah! If only there were enough time for passion!)

The ancient Greeks believed in the ‘Fates’: goddesses bestowed upon human beings their virtues, talents and weaknesses–and length of life. This suggests a predestined life that is limited and well-known to the goddess, but mostly unknown to mortals. Like a hand of cards in a poker game, some are handed aces, kings and queens and others are handed lesser cards. We moderns do not like that at all! Then comes the matter of how are the cards played: for the benefit of others or purely for selfishness?

Hand-in-hand with the Fates were the Furies, who dish out punishment for our misdeeds, or poorly played cards. A Greek soldier went into battle worry-free because the Fates had already decreed how long he would live and whether he would be a hero or a lesser being. Oh, how primitive! Well then, let’s see how far we moderns have advanced.

Now we call the Fates by a new name: genetics. Now we do not say our life is predetermined, we say instead it is predisposed. Now we have tendencies. Now we have inherited characteristics. Of course we accept environment as a contributing factor–but we know in our bones it is our genes that hold the high hand in our behavior. We no longer say “The devil made me do it.” We say, “My genes made me do it.” This is the genetic excuse.

On the other hand because of long observation in something so simple as physical exercise, we know that someone with a genetic tendency towards obesity or thinness, or weakness can–by determined effort of exercise and diet–completely transform into the shape more desired by the individual. A true definition of heroic: To overcome one’s genetic tendencies! Don’t you see people achieving beyond their limitations all the time? Or underachieving because they truly believe in their genetic limits?

Some of us still can’t help asking, “Why God didn’t you give me great genes, great talents? Paul McCartney,  Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, all from the great talent-pool wildly beyond normal–why couldn’t I have been born from that pool? So I could achieve greatly and not have to putz around in this economy-class gene pool? Why did Beethoven get world-class talent from the pool, and not me?

Let’s say you are God. You create millions of people and then they die. Now what to do with them? Our astronomers see mind-bogglingly vast universes of spinning galaxies filled with spinning stars and spinning planets–some of them just right for life. “Hmmm,” you say, “What’s it for? But no, I’m not going to go there when I die. I’m going to some infinitely huge heaven no one’s ever seen, nor can anyone imagine.” Fine. Go there. While the vast amazing universe smiles down upon you.

Pretend you are God and one of your little people loves music, works hard at music, as well as caring for his aged mother and taking care of his work responsibilities. And even with all of these responsibilities he far over-achieves his fate pool of genes and nearly becomes a master of music except for some wonderful unknown capacity, one single missing element we call genius for lack of a better word–and then because of a bad loaf of pumpernickel–he dies. What does God do with this nearly wonderful musician? A) Make room for him in the already overloaded heavenly choir? Or B) Send him back down to earth and name him Beethoven? What would you do?

Consider this. What if your so-called Fate, your so-called genetics, are the current crop of your previously sowed seeds from the merits and demerits of your previous existence? If this were true would it give you motivation to keep pushing your limited genetics to the limit? And whatever crop (or famine) you create in this life you will surely harvest in the next? All of the Good Books say it’s true. The big disagreement is whether the Next Life is in some foggily described heaven–or here on this incredibly dynamic gene-pool of a planet.

Could it be that your future ‘fate-or-genes’ are completely determined by your heroic efforts to overcome your limitations of today? That your current limitations are only temporary and only apply as long as you believe yourself limited to your ‘fate’?

Can you believe you are limited as well as unlimited? Is this the real Fate?       Phil

The Wind-Fire Soul

You say to me you have a hard time believing in invisible power or that an invisible power could affect you. You say: “Show me a miracle and then I’ll believe in the invisible.” Let’s consider a few invisible things.

On a windy day what snatched that hat from your head? What lifted that bird into the sky? What shakes those leaves in the trees making them whisper? What do you see? You see nothing because you know it’s only the wind.

What’s that you’re breathing into your lungs? Wind! Without those invisible puffs of power you’d be down for the count in a minute. Yet you don’t believe Divine Invisible Power is all around you surrounding you? (Please see my blog called, Letter from Bobb, the Fish). What would it take to make you a believer in the Invisible?

How can you talk to me? How does the wind in your throat change into the sounds we call words–words that transfer information from you to me? How do you make wind-sounds that I understand, that communicate your feelings and needs to me?

Speaking as one living puff of wind to another, we are all walking, talking, waking miracles. What is a miracle? It is something that is yet beyond explanation which in due course we will understand–as we will slowly and eventually understand All–and nothing will be miraculous, but merely wonderful. In the meantime we are surrounded by miraculous invisible power that our scientists can barely understand. Science is barely beyond its own childhood in explaining things. Science is in its teen years, with a strong young frame, but with much growing, much speculation, much wild territory left to explore. Try this one on for size.

What is fire, for instance? We take fire for granted having used its wonders for thousands of years. Somehow a combination of fuel, air and heat–but what is it? My belief is, fire is so sacred–such a divine invisible power–it should never be blown out with the breath, your own divine wind. As wind is a vital life force and is not intended to extinguish life, blowing out a candle is symbolically the equivalent of profanity. (Here we are speaking of ceremonial use of candles not festive use such as birthday parties). The proper way to extinguish a ceremonial candle is with a candle-snuffer and as the light is extinguished, say, “This light returns to the invisible world!”

Listen! You are wind made visible! You are fire hidden in the wind made visible. You are the divine Wind-Fire Soul enlightening this world. Don’t you know that?       Phil

Body of Wisdom

Who among us wants war?

We are all opposed to war and violence, as much as we are opposed to disease or illness. We look for moral guidance in our holy books and our history books. Is it too unimaginable to look for moral guidance in the work of our own body?

The body is full of survival wisdom. It is designed to be a healthful and creative, if temporary, home for our soul-personality. It also holds answers. Our own responsibility is to provide good nourishment and exercise for our body. But what if some illness or destructive force creates distress or even tries to destroy some part of our body?

The body reacts immediately.

It sends forth white blood cells to the distressed area. What do the white blood cells do? They attack and destroy the elements of distress or illness–with the purpose of restoring health and harmony to the affected or infected area. Restoring health and harmony so life can continue is the purpose. To do this, the body destroys the destroyer.

The body doesn’t call for a vote, doesn’t wait, doesn’t ask the foot if it’s okay to heal the hand. The healing forces are dispatched immediately. The purpose or will of the body of wisdom is for health and harmony of the entire body. The foot may argue, “I am not affected by the problems of the hand.” The wisdom of the body knows better. What affects the hand may not at the moment be bothering the foot, but it will–and it is the harmony of the whole body in all of its parts that is important.

The body borrows strength from a healthy area to heal an unhealthy area. The great reservoirs of strength in the body may be nearly depleted, even prostrated, in order to heal the unwell area. The great body may have to lay down, experiencing weakness, fevers and chills. But restoring health and harmony is the goal. That is the will of the body, the will of whatever force created the body. I prefer to call it the Good Spirit.

The body of wisdom was created by the Good Spirit so it can survive even a deadly attack. The body opposes illness. As we human beings ponder such things, none of us are in favor of illness; none of us favor disease. We don’t like being sick. We don’t personally enjoy the process the body goes through–the weakness, fevers and chills–of restoring itself to health and harmony. Our minds cry out, “I don’t want this! I don’t want to deal with this!”

Here is another clue from the body of wisdom. The healthy body is constantly creating new cells, new blood, even new ideas–and is throwing off old cells, old blood, old ideas–because the healthy body is creative. The healthy body is not holding on to mordant ideas.

We do not understand why there is disease and illness in the world. We do not understand why there is war. Perhaps the body of wisdom suggests a wisdom, a mystery and a truth–to be deeply pondered this very day. We are opposed to disease and illness and we are opposed to war. Does the body of wisdom provide a clue to the moral question of war? This is only a question. Certainly it deserves to be asked with hopes for an answer.       Phil

Speed of Mind

A hundred years ago most people believed speeds above fifty miles per hour would make you go insane. Now we routinely fly five hundred miles per hour in jets and think nothing of it. Ten years ago loading a program into my computer took so long I could drink a can of pop while I waited. Now loading takes only seconds. Old movies from the 1950’s and 60’s seem unbearably hokey-pokey and dawdling, while modern movies seem swift and driven at frantic speed. TV commercials are lightning fast compared to the snoozy old black & white days.

Modern life trains modern minds for speed-processing information. As a little boy I can honestly remember a three-hour car trip seeming like an endless eternity–and my boy mind wondering–why we can’t we be at our destination instantly at the speed of light, the speed of mind? Why can’t we just be there?

People drive their cars faster all the time. Making time. Saving time. Oh? Let’s just put that thought on the back burner for a moment. The idea now seems that, if we can process more information more quickly, we an be more successful in our jobs and in our life. More creative. Much modern advertising slants towards this modern myth. Get on the information highway or get passed by the competition! Get all the latest speed gadgets because your competitor already has them! Is this true?

The greatest minds who ever lived achieved their works of genius without computers. How on earth did they do it? How did they scrape by at their snail’s pace?

Their primary tool was the mind. The truth is the computer is modeled after the mind, not vice-versa. You already own the greatest tool on earth–your mind–modeled after the Universal Mind (which created everything you see, call it what you like) which is unlimited. And therefore so are you.

But isn’t my mind limited by the five-senses vehicle? True as long as you limit your perceptions to the physical world like a caveman. The greater truth is your mind can login to the Unlimited Mind. This logging-in has been called many things by different cultures: Oneness. Nirvana. Cosmic Consciousness. Holy Ghost. Bodhisattva. How  is this done?

For most of us it happens through exhaustion when the five-senses vehicle gives up. Our limited mind crunches numbers. Adds everything it can. Thinks everything it can. Then the limited mind collapses at the door of chaos. “I can’t think about this anymore! I don’t have an answer!” This is when the little number crunching mind lets the question go. But where does the question go?

If we have been using our mind for noble, unselfish purposes, the question goes to the Unlimited Mind–just like dropping a letter into the mailbox. Let it go. The Unlimited Mind unsnarls the question and returns it smoothed to our little mind with a polished answer. This is how writers write, how geniuses genii.

Let Unlimited Mind do the hard work of answering questions. Our job is to ask the right questions. To ask the right question comes after crunching all the numbers: good information, questionable information, useless information. The little mind can’t sort it all out. But Unlimited Mind can. So let the good hard question go and let the Unlimited Mind do the work of sorting it all out.

So let’s get back to speeding cars making and saving time. Our current culture has an obsession with speed, believing more speed is better. Usually a need for speed means we haven’t budgeted enough time to get where we’re going. Nor allowed ourselves enough time to achieve our daily goals. This is life lived at the level of the five senses. This life is an illusion. Our culture is deeply invested in this illusion of physical speed being meaningful. So we work faster. Is this meaningful? Or meaningless? If we are going faster to get where we’re going to enjoy it less, what is the point?

Speed is not good or bad. NASCAR drivers need it to win. Astronauts need a certain velocity to escape earth’s gravity. But speed as goal in itself? How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel? Four years? Was he in a hurry? Neither are computers good or bad–nor have computers ever created an idea. Only the Unlimited Mind can do that and since YOU are modeled after that Mind you are perfectly created to receive great ideas.

You don’t need speed. You need to remember you are already designed to be a great idea receiver, a great creator. Relax, slow down. Enjoy yourself. You are marvelous.       Phil

Letter from Bobb, the Fish

Okay, okay, so I’m not really a fish–I’m a minnow. Not very big. But I’m gonna be a fish someday, a really big fish. Not much going on here. Yesterday at the Fish Academy, a group of sea trout were swimming round and round with protest signs clamped under one flipper (all they could do was go in circles!). Their signs read:

Water Doesn’t Exist! Water is an Illusion! Water is Dead!

Stuff like that. It made the professorfishes pretty mad. But all very interesting to me, a minnow, because our Sundayfish had been telling us that our ocean is kind of a Sea of Sorrows. And that the Godfish doesn’t live down here, but up above us in heavenly world called Aire. And God looks like a huge golden blowfish, a fish that’s on fire (wow!).

Only no one can swim up to see Him because Aire isn’t anything we can get a flipper into. Pretty hard to swallow! But Sundayfish said this was true because our flyingfish can actually jump into the Aire for a few seconds and have caught glimpses of Him. I sure wish I was a flyingfish!

Anyway, all of this gave me a fishmare: I dreamed I got jerked up into the Aire and I saw God! He was a big fat two-legged creature with a rod! Sipping on a red and white can, making hideous belches! I sure was glad to get back down into our nonexistent, illusory, dead water! I told all this to the psychefish and he took notes and nodded his head.

Not much going on here. Well, it’s only water. I just keep swimming around in it, same old stuff. Tunas, sharks and silverfish flash around me. Whales lumber by. A squid passes liquidly before my liquid eyes. Not much news. Where is this so-called God? Sundayfish says God will reveal himself to me. I’ve been looking high and low. I sure don’t see anything. I want to see a burning fish! I want to hear a thunderous voice from the deep saying, “Bobb! Go do this miracle for Me!

Of course I never hear anything like that. Just the usual stuff: “Bobb, clean your room!” and “Bobb, take out the trash!” Stuff like that.

What’s that underwater chipmunk chattering sound? That underwater conchshell blowing sound? That’s just dolphins chattering. Just whales OOM-ing around. They believe in God I suppose, at least they sound like they do. Maybe they see something I don’t. I’m just a minnow. But I’m gonna be big someday. What? What’s that thunderous pulsing light from the deeps? Yea, and verily, a deep too deep for me!

Oh, all right, I’ll swim down there, even though it’s such a chore for my little fins. You don’t ask much, do you? Yeah, okay. That’s just a seamount, a volcano spewing up glowing clouds of lava. Keeps right on puffing like a dragon, puffing itself up until it rises right out of the sea. Makes a heck’uva racket, doesn’t it? No big deal. I’ve seen them before. The chemfishes say they add nutrients to the water. Nothing to do with me.

This is Bobb, the Fish, signing off. I just wonder what God is doing right now? I wonder what it’s like to be a golden blowfish high in the Aire? Nothing much going on here. See you later.       Phil

What’s Wrong With “The Da Vinci Code”

We bought our movie tickets a day in advance and went on a Saturday afternoon half an hour early expecting the theater to be crowded. But no, the theater was empty except for five giggling teenage girls. After half an hour of repeating commercials the theater filled possibly to three-fourths capacity. Then the movie began and for the first hour I viewed the movie seriously, but after several highly contrived and unlikely escape scenes I inappropriately laughed aloud, but this during very noisy gunfights or chase scenes, and since we were sitting in the back row, I believe my contributions went unnoticed.

What “The Da Vinci Code” proclaims is, one, Jesus had a wife and her name was Mary Magdalene. And two, Mary Magdalene had a baby girl, and therefore, Jesus’ direct bloodline has existed throughout human history as a highly protected and secret family. The ‘highly protected and secret family’ (according to the movie) explains the purpose of The Knights Templar and something called The Priory of Scion.

If I understand it right, Jesus’ family includes some of the greatest geniuses of all time, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Sir Francis Bacon (sometimes believed to be the real Shakespeare) and these people secretly rule the world.

Since we can barely agree upon what happened a hundred years ago, let alone a thousand or two thousand years ago, I find such discussions sensational, non-resolvable, and at the bottom to be of the nature of ‘My hat is prettier than your hat’. Once again we end up with an exclusive family, an exclusive priesthood, an illuminati of chosen ones. Not you. Not me.

The implication seems to be that if Jesus is the head of my family, I am worthy of better treatment by the very fact, than regular or ordinary people. That is my major grumble about the story of “The Da Vinci Code”. However–

Even if I don’t agree with the story physically, materially or historically, I do agree with its symbolic major point. Leonardo Da Vinci seemed to suggest in his painting, “The Last Supper”, that Jesus’ consort at the feast was female: the divine feminine power. The Holy Grail. Symbolized by Mary Magdalene. I like this very much.

Furthermore (not one divine woman but) all women represent the divine feminine Holy Grail. Furthermore (not one divine man, but) all men represent the divine Jesus-Father. In fact, we are all members of the divine and holy family. All of us represent a divine spectrum of the holy family partaking in the incredible and ongoing feast of Life.

Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” By this I believe he meant, “I represent all humankind from the lowest to the highest, from one end to the other.” Loving all, forgiving all. Not excluding some and including only special others.

I believe this movies is ‘much ado about nothing’ and ‘a tempest in a teapot’ to borrow from Shakespeare. However as it generates deep though, and hopefully higher thought, it is a good thing, and as much as anything, a daring thing.

Da Vinci communicated in codes for a reason. This story’s creator (Dan Brown) would have been burned at the stake a few hundred years ago. If nothing else we can recognize that our world is making some spiritual progress and we do not need to believe all of the newspaper articles to the contrary.

The Divine Family is stretching and growing and nothing can stop God. The results are certain as sunrise. Now go into your daily life with joy and passion. You have a Great Father and a Great Mother! You are clearly of ‘the divine bloodline’ and have only to awaken and know the incredible truth about yourself, and what it means.

The most perfect symbol I can conceive is: A beautiful red rose growing out of dark black earth. From one to the other is all you need to know of heaven and earth. Phil