Speed of Mind

A hundred years ago most people believed speeds above fifty miles per hour would make you go insane. Now we routinely fly five hundred miles per hour in jets and think nothing of it. Ten years ago loading a program into my computer took so long I could drink a can of pop while I waited. Now loading takes only seconds. Old movies from the 1950’s and 60’s seem unbearably hokey-pokey and dawdling, while modern movies seem swift and driven at frantic speed. TV commercials are lightning fast compared to the snoozy old black & white days.

Modern life trains modern minds for speed-processing information. As a little boy I can honestly remember a three-hour car trip seeming like an endless eternity–and my boy mind wondering–why we can’t we be at our destination instantly at the speed of light, the speed of mind? Why can’t we just be there?

People drive their cars faster all the time. Making time. Saving time. Oh? Let’s just put that thought on the back burner for a moment. The idea now seems that, if we can process more information more quickly, we an be more successful in our jobs and in our life. More creative. Much modern advertising slants towards this modern myth. Get on the information highway or get passed by the competition! Get all the latest speed gadgets because your competitor already has them! Is this true?

The greatest minds who ever lived achieved their works of genius without computers. How on earth did they do it? How did they scrape by at their snail’s pace?

Their primary tool was the mind. The truth is the computer is modeled after the mind, not vice-versa. You already own the greatest tool on earth–your mind–modeled after the Universal Mind (which created everything you see, call it what you like) which is unlimited. And therefore so are you.

But isn’t my mind limited by the five-senses vehicle? True as long as you limit your perceptions to the physical world like a caveman. The greater truth is your mind can login to the Unlimited Mind. This logging-in has been called many things by different cultures: Oneness. Nirvana. Cosmic Consciousness. Holy Ghost. Bodhisattva. How  is this done?

For most of us it happens through exhaustion when the five-senses vehicle gives up. Our limited mind crunches numbers. Adds everything it can. Thinks everything it can. Then the limited mind collapses at the door of chaos. “I can’t think about this anymore! I don’t have an answer!” This is when the little number crunching mind lets the question go. But where does the question go?

If we have been using our mind for noble, unselfish purposes, the question goes to the Unlimited Mind–just like dropping a letter into the mailbox. Let it go. The Unlimited Mind unsnarls the question and returns it smoothed to our little mind with a polished answer. This is how writers write, how geniuses genii.

Let Unlimited Mind do the hard work of answering questions. Our job is to ask the right questions. To ask the right question comes after crunching all the numbers: good information, questionable information, useless information. The little mind can’t sort it all out. But Unlimited Mind can. So let the good hard question go and let the Unlimited Mind do the work of sorting it all out.

So let’s get back to speeding cars making and saving time. Our current culture has an obsession with speed, believing more speed is better. Usually a need for speed means we haven’t budgeted enough time to get where we’re going. Nor allowed ourselves enough time to achieve our daily goals. This is life lived at the level of the five senses. This life is an illusion. Our culture is deeply invested in this illusion of physical speed being meaningful. So we work faster. Is this meaningful? Or meaningless? If we are going faster to get where we’re going to enjoy it less, what is the point?

Speed is not good or bad. NASCAR drivers need it to win. Astronauts need a certain velocity to escape earth’s gravity. But speed as goal in itself? How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel? Four years? Was he in a hurry? Neither are computers good or bad–nor have computers ever created an idea. Only the Unlimited Mind can do that and since YOU are modeled after that Mind you are perfectly created to receive great ideas.

You don’t need speed. You need to remember you are already designed to be a great idea receiver, a great creator. Relax, slow down. Enjoy yourself. You are marvelous.       Phil

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