Body of Wisdom

Who among us wants war?

We are all opposed to war and violence, as much as we are opposed to disease or illness. We look for moral guidance in our holy books and our history books. Is it too unimaginable to look for moral guidance in the work of our own body?

The body is full of survival wisdom. It is designed to be a healthful and creative, if temporary, home for our soul-personality. It also holds answers. Our own responsibility is to provide good nourishment and exercise for our body. But what if some illness or destructive force creates distress or even tries to destroy some part of our body?

The body reacts immediately.

It sends forth white blood cells to the distressed area. What do the white blood cells do? They attack and destroy the elements of distress or illness–with the purpose of restoring health and harmony to the affected or infected area. Restoring health and harmony so life can continue is the purpose. To do this, the body destroys the destroyer.

The body doesn’t call for a vote, doesn’t wait, doesn’t ask the foot if it’s okay to heal the hand. The healing forces are dispatched immediately. The purpose or will of the body of wisdom is for health and harmony of the entire body. The foot may argue, “I am not affected by the problems of the hand.” The wisdom of the body knows better. What affects the hand may not at the moment be bothering the foot, but it will–and it is the harmony of the whole body in all of its parts that is important.

The body borrows strength from a healthy area to heal an unhealthy area. The great reservoirs of strength in the body may be nearly depleted, even prostrated, in order to heal the unwell area. The great body may have to lay down, experiencing weakness, fevers and chills. But restoring health and harmony is the goal. That is the will of the body, the will of whatever force created the body. I prefer to call it the Good Spirit.

The body of wisdom was created by the Good Spirit so it can survive even a deadly attack. The body opposes illness. As we human beings ponder such things, none of us are in favor of illness; none of us favor disease. We don’t like being sick. We don’t personally enjoy the process the body goes through–the weakness, fevers and chills–of restoring itself to health and harmony. Our minds cry out, “I don’t want this! I don’t want to deal with this!”

Here is another clue from the body of wisdom. The healthy body is constantly creating new cells, new blood, even new ideas–and is throwing off old cells, old blood, old ideas–because the healthy body is creative. The healthy body is not holding on to mordant ideas.

We do not understand why there is disease and illness in the world. We do not understand why there is war. Perhaps the body of wisdom suggests a wisdom, a mystery and a truth–to be deeply pondered this very day. We are opposed to disease and illness and we are opposed to war. Does the body of wisdom provide a clue to the moral question of war? This is only a question. Certainly it deserves to be asked with hopes for an answer.       Phil

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