The Wind-Fire Soul

You say to me you have a hard time believing in invisible power or that an invisible power could affect you. You say: “Show me a miracle and then I’ll believe in the invisible.” Let’s consider a few invisible things.

On a windy day what snatched that hat from your head? What lifted that bird into the sky? What shakes those leaves in the trees making them whisper? What do you see? You see nothing because you know it’s only the wind.

What’s that you’re breathing into your lungs? Wind! Without those invisible puffs of power you’d be down for the count in a minute. Yet you don’t believe Divine Invisible Power is all around you surrounding you? (Please see my blog called, Letter from Bobb, the Fish). What would it take to make you a believer in the Invisible?

How can you talk to me? How does the wind in your throat change into the sounds we call words–words that transfer information from you to me? How do you make wind-sounds that I understand, that communicate your feelings and needs to me?

Speaking as one living puff of wind to another, we are all walking, talking, waking miracles. What is a miracle? It is something that is yet beyond explanation which in due course we will understand–as we will slowly and eventually understand All–and nothing will be miraculous, but merely wonderful. In the meantime we are surrounded by miraculous invisible power that our scientists can barely understand. Science is barely beyond its own childhood in explaining things. Science is in its teen years, with a strong young frame, but with much growing, much speculation, much wild territory left to explore. Try this one on for size.

What is fire, for instance? We take fire for granted having used its wonders for thousands of years. Somehow a combination of fuel, air and heat–but what is it? My belief is, fire is so sacred–such a divine invisible power–it should never be blown out with the breath, your own divine wind. As wind is a vital life force and is not intended to extinguish life, blowing out a candle is symbolically the equivalent of profanity. (Here we are speaking of ceremonial use of candles not festive use such as birthday parties). The proper way to extinguish a ceremonial candle is with a candle-snuffer and as the light is extinguished, say, “This light returns to the invisible world!”

Listen! You are wind made visible! You are fire hidden in the wind made visible. You are the divine Wind-Fire Soul enlightening this world. Don’t you know that?       Phil

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