One single measure of human evolution matters. Not numbers of libraries or universities, not sizes of cities, not vastness of technological wonders, not sizes of armies, not speed of rockets, not number of cars, phones or TV’s and RV’s per household. What then you ask could it be? What else matters in this world of shining wonders?

All these are simply play toys of the universe’s creative children and there’s nothing wrong with children playing toys. But what is the ground work, great work of the universe for those who have awakened from the long dream of childhood?

Works of love are the real concerns of this Earth-type, Goldilocks planet. Works of love–Labors of love. Things not done for profit, not for personal gain, not for fame, not for hire. Unselfish deeds. Giving of time, talent, treasure. With no need or desire to receive things in return. Generosity not just in times of abundance but sharing even the last crumb of bread in times of hunger. This is the evolution of the human being this world is designed to produce: loving, caring human beings.

Of course most of us are yet children of the universe, or at least exhibit childish tendencies. And this is not shameful or bad. Childhood is the wonderful time of shiny toys and delightful games. Not to mention a little pushing and shoving and crying. It doesn’t last forever–although it seems to on this earth where the news is filled with pushing and shoving and crying. But news is not the truth. Or rather it is a temporal-temporary truth.

This world has seen a few saints or divine beings (Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, or name the one you prefer) functioning as human-divine adult beings with powers and understandings far beyond the ordinary children of earth–all of them fully functioning in what matters to the universe, all of them fully functioning in love.

There is nothing wrong with being a child. In the natural course of evolution all creatures must first be selfish to survive. Selfishness is the first order of the universe. You must survive! It is natural for the early part of our life to be more or less selfish. This is simply the beginner’s stage. But it isn’t the last order of the universe.

Soon we are called to do wonderful, loving deeds of kindness. Soon we manifest wonderful, loving things. This is evidence of our growing evolution in Love. The beginning of this evolution has to do with recognizing the universe’s abundant sources and resources constantly renewing themselves around us and surrounding us. A a big step for the child, the first big baby step outward of trust that the universe holds a safety net of love and energy beneath us and surrounding us. The world is full of so many illusions and delusions to the contrary. It is a big step getting past terrors of scarcity created by childish players. The truth is the earth is full of abundance that is constantly being squandered and horded by childish players. When we use our powerful telescopes to gaze out into the deeps of space we see vast displays of shining energy beyond human comprehension. The only poverty of the universe is in the human mind. We are here to overcome that illusion of poverty. How is it done? What would that take?

Once we recognize that we are children of the stars, children of the vast energy-filled universe, we can stop feeling insecure and needy. Confidence flows in. Transformation takes place. Does the creeping caterpillar really have any idea his future is as an iridescent flying being of the sky? The transforming thoughts are: The universe has surrounded me with abundance and power! It has given me exactly the gifts I need to achieve a certain mission in this life! I can live! I can love! I can fly! I can flow!

While this world continues to have the appearance of a noisy child’s nursery, Love is growing in the noisy nest. This is the only evolution that matters, the evolution from selfishness to love: Evolove. Yes, it’s spelled forwards and backwards the same if that gives you any clue to evolution. A palindrome, is our evolution.

It is up to you to recognize the world for what it really is: a place for children to learn how to grow in love. The universe is making human beings out of selfish beings. Do you have any idea how long that takes? (Hint: think in billions of years.)       Phil

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