Good News About You

Every great master teacher who comes into this world comes to teach–not for the purpose of being deified, glorified, bowed down to, or worshipped. The teacher comes to teach. To show you how it’s done. The master says, “What I do, you will do also.” The greatest story ever told is about the master being born into this world and then teaching love and forgiveness and overcoming pain and death. The story not very well told is all about you.

You are a royal child. Your mother is this earth, the divine queen, life incarnate. Your father is in heaven, the divine King, the invisible, powerful ideas that shape your life. But you do not believe you are a royal child. Life causes you to doubt your royal lineage and heritage. You doubt you are a divine child.

If you were a royal child wouldn’t you ride around in a gold carriage and sit on a velvet cushion eating bonbons all day? Things should be easier if you really were the King’s child, right? See again the greatest story ever told.

The master teacher has nothing to do with velvet cushions or bonbons. The master is doubted, ridiculed and tortured for proclaiming divine heritage for all people, and for claiming for all the sonship to the King of Heaven. Because the master teacher is completely familiar with the divine and invisible principles of the Father in Heaven as well as the physical laws of the visible Mother Earth, the master is able to perform what we call divine miracles–to give the children of this world hope. The master brings Heaven into Earth. Secular kings don’t like it, not in the distant past, not today.

The master teacher brings the keys that unlock the doorway into Heaven. Love one another. Forgive. Believe. Have real faith even as tiny as  a mustard seed, and you will move mountains. The master teacher hands these keys to us. The greatest story is our story. It’s all about you. Your pain, your struggle, it all matters. You have no idea how incredibly important you are. You are the seed the teacher is trying to grow. Yes, you.

The master teacher is worshipped not with words–but by practicing the lessons, the Keys. The progress of our story depends on the use of the Keys. Are you loving more? Forgiving more? Believing more? Or do you spend your time angry, in a fury, in a self-fulfilling cocoon of doubt?

The greatest story has been lived and told by the great master teachers. Now it’s your turn. You are the beautiful child of the King and Queen! Will you now take up your royal heritage of love and forgiveness? Will you awaken to who you really are? It’s the good news about you. Go now into the world and practice it. Yes, you.       Phil

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