Process of Elimination

God in all wisdom has given you a body that takes in food nutrients, then as if by magic and without any conscious effort on your part, uses the good food material and eliminates the un-useful, even poisonous parts. This keeps your body strong and healthy, and this process of elimination goes on every day.

On the other hand, God in all wisdom, has not put into you this unconscious process of elimination in your conscious thinking and emotional processes. Being human, you tend to hold onto pleasant as well as unpleasant thoughts; healthy as well as unhealthy emotions. As long as you sip from a cup of toxic thoughts and emotions of anger, wrongs, hurts, hatred, grief, greed, desires for revenge–you become a toxic being. You lose your peace of mind and eventually become very unhealthy and very unhappy.

Some even take up toxic habits of consumption to ease feelings of unwellness: comfort foods that taste good but are unhealthy; alcohol; tobacco, etc. Such consumption delivers this person to an even lower level of unwellness, even to despair. What can we do?

Well, what does the body do? It eliminates toxins every day.

This tells us we must make a conscious effort every day to eliminate our own mental and emotional toxins. Perhaps at the end of the day just before sleep would be the ideal time for this purification.  This means cleansing prayers of forgiveness concerning your so-called transgressors; or letting go of a situation that seems unfair or uncalled for. Whatever is upsetting your emotional stomach and mind you must let go. What purpose does holding toxic feelings serve except to make you feel bad?

Does this mean we will be giddy with happiness all the time? Probably not.

Just as the body is unwell for short periods of time due to germs or viral infections–which take time for the body to round up and throw off–so too you will have eruptions and disruptions in your mental and emotional life to assimilate and digest and so regain your equilibrium and peace of mind. This is normal. What is harmful is if you are still stewing about something that happened years ago. This is indigestion. What can you do?

Sit down with yourself. Write about the person or events in your life that you are still dragging over the emotional coals after all these years. Don’t hold back. Write without stopping, without editing. Let it rip. Then prioritize these burning coals: the radioactive hottest–to those that are merely unpleasantly warm. Start with the hottest coal and pour cooling waters of forgiveness upon it. For instance: You couldn’t help what you did–I forgive you. It really taught me a powerful lesson that made me strong. Begin the process of elimination. This hottest coal may take many evening of serious meditation, prayer and journaling. Writing is good because it helps you communicate with yourself. Writing will give you gifts of understanding you don’t even realize are hidden within you.

What is the goal of elimination? This may sound far-fetched right now but the new state of digestion and tranquility sounds like this: You may have intended harm but instead you gave me gifts of strength and understanding I could receive in no other way. You appeared as my enemy. You left as my teacher. I now make choices to end being hateful and begin being grateful.

Yes, hard work. If you cannot do this, healing will not begin, unwellness will persist. If you try the process of elimination every night, healing will begin.

The cooling well of healing is waiting inside you right where God put it. You can drink the healing water or not. It is your choice to be well, or unwell. Read The Lord’s Prayer. Write it down. Post it in front of you. Begin your meditation with it. Realize the way to healing and purity was given to you a long time ago. Isn’t it time begin? Isn’t it time to drink from the well of wellness? Are you weary enough of being un-well?       Phil

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