What Do You Believe?

I’m tired. I always catch a cold twice a year. Life is a struggle. This world is a wonderland. This world is an awful place. I’m too quiet. I talk too much. I’m a good person. I’m a loser. If things can go wrong they probably will.

All of these statements are simply beliefs. None of them are eternal laws. Yet most of us at times have made one or other such statements. Temporarily at least they become our own personal statement of beliefs and thus–our personal laws.

Such beliefs usually originate in childhood. Some may begin with offhand remarks of acquaintances. Believing that ‘the world is an awful place’ may come from reading newspapers and believing that they represent a balanced view of the world.

The wonderful thing is, you are a co-creator of reality. What you tell yourself about yourself and about the world causes your creative equipment to immediately set about creating in your life what you believe to be true. “I’m unlucky.” No problem. Your equipment immediately attracts to you like a magnet the conditions where you can prove “I’m unlucky.”

It’s been shown that deep-felt thoughts such as, “I feel very calm and tranquil” or, “I am full of healing power and energy”–can produce powerful results in the body, lowering blood pressure and heartrate. Allowing yourself to become afraid or feeling emotional turmoil produces the opposite results instantly–and a feeling of unwellness. We’ve all had this experience with a sudden scare (a car backfires) or from learning upsetting news (our job is going to be eliminated). So what can you do?

The most important thing you can do for yourself today is inventory your list of personal beliefs, your personal laws of life. What are you constantly telling yourself about yourself which your body and mind have no choice but to respond to and recreate in the physical world? What do you tell yourself about this life? What is your narrative? You are not alone if you are completely unaware of personal beliefs you are proving every day!

If you believe the world is a sad and evil place you will zero-in on stories that prove this every day. If you believe the world is filled with beauty and magnificent works you will certainly find abundant beauty from sunrise to sunset.

Can you see it is you who create your own reality? Can you understand “Life is you happening to you”? And if this is true, just as an artist creates a beautiful landscape or a stark wasteland, can you see it is you who are responsible–not somebody else?

Try this experiment. Next time you are feeling tired (maybe even exhausted) tell yourself, “I feel strong. I can be tired later when it’s time for the body to refresh. Right now I feel marvelous!” Try it. Feel the surge.

Your body, your life, your reality, responds powerfully to what you believe. You are making your own choices. You are responsible for You.       Phil

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