The Eagle’s Room

There is an old story about a baby eagle raised by chickens. The eagle didn’t look like a chicken, didn’t peck or scratch the ground like a chicken, and so was ignored by the chickens, and sometimes even attacked. Then one day the eagle spread its growing wings, jumped from the ground and soared into the sky. The eagle didn’t have a mirror, so he didn’t know he was an eagle until he flew.

So we sometimes wonder–Am I an eagle, or a chicken?

Many of us peck the ground and hope for the best. We hope our good thoughts have wings. We hope our dreams will fly. We pray for good things and hope they will come true. But in this world, often we see our results aren’t as good as our dreams.

But what if this seeming failure of results isn’t quite true? What if there is a mirror we are not looking at? Let’s say a mirror world in which all of our heartfelt dreams come true–a mirror world we are not often allowed to see? (Hint: Thoughts held in mind, create in kind.)

Let’s give this mirror world a subtitle: The Apprentice Creator’s Practice Work Room. Or simply, The Eagle’s Room. It’s a strange, dusty little room with all kinds of weird, half-finished, half-baked creations–and only you can go there, though you seldom do. All of your childhood dreams are there. You dreamed feverishly of being a great artist, or being a gifted player of games, or someone whose thoughts could bring peace and healing to the world.

All the hopes, all the dreams,, all your prayers came true in this Room. You never ever failed to create what you perceived and believed, as richly or as poorly as you could conceive. Your slightest thoughts created worlds. In God’s wisdom, this Room is a safe room for practice creation. Sometimes you have been angry and envisioned destruction. The destruction took place in that Room.

God the great creator who never fails created you in God’s own image–so how could you ever fail to create what you have imagined?

The truth is you have never failed. But, like the eagle, nobody ever told you that you were the perfect creating being, born to fly, born to create. But the chickens have told you to keep on pecking the dirt. So you doubted you could fly, doubted you could create great things, doubted your dreams and prayers could help the world. Since your creative mind works perfectly and always has, you created chicklets instead of eagles.

Half-baked, half-created things, some of these chickens are running around in your life right now. The most important truth is that you are very powerful. You can create anything through deep belief and deep passion. Wonderful, positive works can be created. Also negative, destructive works. Many of the so-called great figures of history simply used their great creative powers for passionately envisioned conquests.

That is why the first study of the mystic is learning self-control of thoughts and passions. Why? Because thoughts and passions–conceived and held passionately–create realities in this world. And the mystic wishes to create peace and harmony in the world.

So what are you thinking? What are you feeling? Many of your dreams aren’t baked hot enough to appear anywhere but in your Room (where you never fail to create). But what you truly, passionately believe you are creating today. Right now. You are an eagle. You are a perfectly created passionate being of a passionate Creator. Your passionate thoughts are the future of this world. Didn’t anyone tell you?       Phil

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