Does God Grant War?

War is very much on our mind these days because of world events. We call ourselves civilized who only wish for opportunity to prosper and support our families in a peaceful coexistence with our neighbors. Reports of bombs falling and bullets flying are horrifying and depressing. How can war be such an evident feature of our world’s past and present? Why waste so much material, energy, and human flesh on warfare?

Isn’t war like burning a forest down to get heat? If we grant that God’s system of teaching humankind is through a series of lessons and challenges through which individuals and groups learn, adapt, and progress on vigorous and extremely demanding paths–with an infinite supply of learning materials–it is possible to suppose that war is quite simply a school for learning how to survive badly. War teaches dread of war. Survivors of war usually do not care to repeat or prolong the experience of war once it is over. Those who pursue war are generally destroyed by war.

Considering that millions and millions of human beings have experienced war in the history of this world, how is it possible there are more people who have not experienced war and are willing to try it?

The proposed answer will call for several assumptions–any one of which may be inaccurate–and therefore render the whole model inaccurate.

1. God creates in the beginning with darkness and formless chaos. Genesis 1:1-2. This is taken as ignorance and lack of experience, without knowledge.

2. God creates light and is pleased by light. Genesis 1:3-4. God’s purpose is to begin with an ignorant, innocent substance and add experience or light to it. This is called enlightenment.

It is the purpose of this model to argue that God’s good purpose is to create innocent, ignorant human animals in their individual beginnings and to take them from this beginning darkness and chaos–after countless lives–turning them into loving, selfless, caring human beings. From warriors to saints, an incredible task.

Yet what other explanation (there been thousands) pinpoint what is really going on down here on this Earth? And if any of these proposed assumptions are reasonably accurate then another big question can be posed and answered.

How long will wars be allowed to continue on Earth?

Answer: As long as God keeps sending inexperienced beginner souls to Earth–there will continue the dark spells of war. God is in charge of who is born on Earth, therefore God is in charge of war if this model is correct.

On the other hand, what if God gave birth to an entire generation of deeply experienced souls, loving men and women? War would be completely finished. And might that be our future–and very soon?