Bad News

Read the newspaper every day if you want to feel bad, helpless, confused. Read a compendium of the top daily news stories over a long period of time, The Chronicles of the 20th Century, 1900-1987–and you cannot help become aware that newspapers have a very narrow focus of reality.

  • War (international, civil, racial).
  • Natural Disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.).
  • Wrecks (esp. of boats, planes and busloads of children).
  • Scandal (political, business, civic officials, and celebrity).
  • Famous Deaths (murder or suicide or accidents).

This is the basic steady diet we partake of in the daily newspapers. There has always been plenty of bad news.

However, you might ask yourself, how many of these sad situations do you experience in your personal life on a regular basis? Are you very often involved in war, disaster, wrecks, scandal or death? Of what does your daily life consist?

Reading the paper: “keeping informed; staying up with the issues.” Also one of our founding American tenets, since earlier historical periods limited information or even suppressed the news if it reflected poorly on those in power. Also we like to discuss current events over the coffee pot. We do need to know how we should vote.

But what if all of this bad news is making you feel bad, helpless, sad, confused and depressed. Can you personally stop war-disaster-wrecks-scandal-death? By thinking about it? Worrying about it? Arguing about it? Blaming about it?

What not take a break from the bad news?

Enjoy some flowers or a good book. The bad news (just like a soap opera)will still be there when you get back. Much will have happened and nothing will be better. The bad news never gets better–it’s always the same–bad.

What would happen if you decided to pray for ten minutes a day for those directly in the spotlight of the bad news? And then focus on the good news of your own life? Making your own ‘little world’ a better place? Would that be worth a try? Can you limit yourself to ten minutes of bad news a day? Or is it possible you like being sad? Just things to think about each brand new beautiful day.       Phil


Do You Believe in Eternity?

What if you figured out what you really wanted to do with your life, your goal, your dream. Then a trusted, highly respected friend told you all you had to do was work at it for ten years and you would realize your dream. So you work for ten years and at the end of that time you’ve made progress, but still haven’t crested the wave of success you hoped for. The trusted friend says, Ten more years, then you’ll see.

So you go ten more years and you’re still not receiving the notice, the glory, the money you expected. You do the math. Twenty years! On the other hand in that length of time you’ve seen countless others fall off their path after only five years, sometimes only a couple of years. You’ve seen them shrug and say, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for me. And your friend says, Go another ten–what have you got to lose?

What is success? What is failure? The most important ingredient of any dream is that it’s the thing you want to do-love to do. It’s your passion, it makes you happy, it makes you feel thrilled while you’re doing it. It could be playing a harmonica, baking a cake, painting landscapes, or water skiing. It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is you know what it is and you are spending some of your time doing it-loving it. (You do know what your passion is, don’t you?)

Now you’ve been writing that great novel, sculpting that glorious clay, strumming that humming guitar for thirty years and still the world of fame and glory has paid you no attention. So what? Haven’t you enjoyed yourself for all those years? Enjoyed yourself in a self-fulfilling passion nothing else on earth contains? Was not the act itself the glory, the reward?

Cautionary note. What if your goal (as it is for many) is to make millions of dollars. Maybe hit the lottery. Fifty million bucks in the bank. And it is not all that uncommon for people to have just that goal. Financial independence. Let’s call it enough money to go where you want to go when you want to go, or just stay home and do nothing. Sound familiar?

But let’s say you quit your job and stay home because of a windfall of money. Now what? You’re still left with seeking what you really want to do–your real passion. And if you don’t know what that is, what’s the point of piles of money? When the real question was always, What is my burning passion in life? Not only that, now that you are at the end of your long life, your trusted friend points at your pile of money and whispers, You can’t take it with you! And that is literally true. So what can you take with you?

What you can take with you is some very good news. You get to take your talents and your passions. If you worked for ten, twenty, thirty years on your passion, you take it with you into your next existence. You are born with a ‘gift’. Oh, he could always play the piano. Nobody taught him–he just knew. (Of course he knew! He had practiced for thirty years in an empty room, before he became a baby again!)

Why are people born with gifts? Why are there child prodigies? Oh, it’s so unfair when some are born with such talent, and others have none! (Oh? Really?)

It is time to believe in Eternity, it is time to really believe. Otherwise life is so very small and so very unfair. If you really have Eternity–literally all of Time to produce your glories, your wonders and it’s all cumulative–doesn’t that change everything? Those who believe in their own mortality will fall from their own path. Not enough time! I don’t have enough talent! You will smile and go on. Or perhaps you will be the good friend who whispers, Work it for ten years!

And you will go on with your love because you believe in Eternity.       Phil

Creator 1-A

What is the first lesson of being a creator? The Bible says, “So God created human beings, making them to be like himself.” (Genesis 1:27) Make that the first lesson to learn in your heart: I was made just like God, by God the creator, and since God is a creator, I am a creator.

I’m behind on my rent; my car needs new tires; the boss yells at me. So where’s all this creativity? Maybe it’s time we talked about lesson number two: I create perfectly, divinely and exactly what I believe in my heart and mind.

We’ve all seen a little boy with a hammer and nails and a few scraps of wood who sets out to build a house. After working industriously for a while what he ends up with is a few bent nails, many big dents in the wood and not much else. Depending on the little boy he may be angry or he may be thrilled. Later in life he may become a designer and builder of beautiful homes. The point is that what the child creates is not an indication of what the mature human being will create. Therefore, lesson three: I am a divine creator child learning to create my world.

No matter what you create, no matter how awful it may seem–you always create divinely and perfectly. No matter how messy your little creation, take time to praise yourself for the divine glory of being a creator being whose creative future is guaranteed to be brilliant.

What you absolutely must stop doing to yourself is saying, thinking, believing negative things about yourself. “I’m no good. I have no talent. I’ll never be good enough to amount to anything. I’m trapped in these circumstances and there’s nothing I can do about it.” As young creators, when we say these things to ourselves with passion (usually anger or despair) we send these beliefs to our perfect-creating-processor and self-create these negative images into reality.

Your creative processor works like an old 35mm camera. Whatever you focus and click the shutter on goes right through the lens, onto the film–and develops an exact image that reproduces whatever you pointed at. So what are you pointing your powerful creative processing mind at?

Are you focusing on old sorrows and getting new sorrows? Focusing on “I can’t do that” (and sure enough) you can’t? Stop doing this to yourself as soon as possible. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re simply dwelling in a very early creative stage and you can move from the cloudiness of doubt into the light of belief as soon as you’re ready.

Most creator children stay within the stormy, messy stage for quite a while–until the creator child learns he is creating his own messes. Once the child gets the “Aha! I am making my own messes!” then the orderly, exciting, joyous, grateful creating begins.

Watch your thoughts and watch your emotions. They are extremely powerful. You are God’s beloved child. You are a perfect and magnificent creator. As God has always intended for you, your future is very bright indeed.       Phil

Divine Order?

What do you picture when you think of Divine Order? Yellow brick roads overstretched with shining rainbows? Your family healthy and well-care for? Peace on earth, good will towards men? Yes, all of this sounds like Divine Order. Yes. And good smooth roads, smooth sailing, comfortable homes, and shopping carts full of fresh, beautiful food. We accept all of this as Divine Order and we are thankful and recognize these things as Divine Order. We say, “Thank You God!”

But what about those other things that happen to us that we are not quite so thrilled about? A car breakdown on the desert. A big income tax bill to pay. A loss in the stock markets. Physical injury from a fall. Personal injury from an insult. Then do we say, “Thank You, God!” If you do–count yourself as a truly enlightened human being! Here is an illuminating story.

It is written that when Buddha was on a journey, a man stepped out, slapped him and insulted him. Buddha said, “Thank you! That was my last piece of karma in this world, and now I am free.” Buddha recognized Divine Order.

All of our hurts and difficulties are challenges that grow us spiritually. We wish at times we could sit on a cushion eating bonbons all day. But what would you learn? Why didn’t Buddha or Jesus float on a pink cloud instead of walking, while doing the hard work of teaching thick-headed, hard-hearted men? Read the lives of great men and women and read a record of extraordinary difficulties overcome. Divine Order.

Think of the most painful experiences you ever had. Truth is, none of these experiences were accidents. If you could perceive the whole truth of your life without the barrier of short-sightedness and limited thinking, you would dis-cover a stunning scene. You would see your Self in the Pre-World (insert whatever word you wish for the place or condition where we exist before coming into Earth). See yourself planning and plotting this very life with a Divine Life Agent (an angel?) and maybe even joking about it. Are you sure you want that Path? That’s a tough one. Oh yes–I do–give me a double load of trouble! Because that will make me twice as strong twice as fast! Divine Order.

The Bible story of Job makes a very clear story of Divine Order. The story is not about riches or good works: it about the condition of Job’s heart. His attitude towards God–and trouble. Satan (trouble) says to God, “Take away everything he has, he will curse you to your face.” Job is the richest man in the East (and so are you when you recognize the incredible creative powers God has given you). God allows trouble to destroy Job’s family and wealth and Job is covered with painful sores. Job doesn’t curse God–he condemns himself. Why was I ever born to face such misery? Job asks the age old question: Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

What really happens is that you attract by your passions the spiritual lessons you need to grow as a spiritual being. Passion is the most magnetic substance in the universe. Hence, ‘bad things’ happen so we can learn ‘good things’. If you are passionately afraid your house will burn down, it will burn down. Divine Order. If you passionately believe your home is divinely protected, no harm will ever come. Divine Order.

What really happens is that you decide whether Divine Order will appear in a negative or positive face. You are a miniature creator, the child of God. God’s child, can you understand you have never failed to create what you believe? Whatever you believe, you will create.

All is Divine Order. All is good. All is perfect. All is well. All is God. Thank You, God!       Phil