Creator 1-A

What is the first lesson of being a creator? The Bible says, “So God created human beings, making them to be like himself.” (Genesis 1:27) Make that the first lesson to learn in your heart: I was made just like God, by God the creator, and since God is a creator, I am a creator.

I’m behind on my rent; my car needs new tires; the boss yells at me. So where’s all this creativity? Maybe it’s time we talked about lesson number two: I create perfectly, divinely and exactly what I believe in my heart and mind.

We’ve all seen a little boy with a hammer and nails and a few scraps of wood who sets out to build a house. After working industriously for a while what he ends up with is a few bent nails, many big dents in the wood and not much else. Depending on the little boy he may be angry or he may be thrilled. Later in life he may become a designer and builder of beautiful homes. The point is that what the child creates is not an indication of what the mature human being will create. Therefore, lesson three: I am a divine creator child learning to create my world.

No matter what you create, no matter how awful it may seem–you always create divinely and perfectly. No matter how messy your little creation, take time to praise yourself for the divine glory of being a creator being whose creative future is guaranteed to be brilliant.

What you absolutely must stop doing to yourself is saying, thinking, believing negative things about yourself. “I’m no good. I have no talent. I’ll never be good enough to amount to anything. I’m trapped in these circumstances and there’s nothing I can do about it.” As young creators, when we say these things to ourselves with passion (usually anger or despair) we send these beliefs to our perfect-creating-processor and self-create these negative images into reality.

Your creative processor works like an old 35mm camera. Whatever you focus and click the shutter on goes right through the lens, onto the film–and develops an exact image that reproduces whatever you pointed at. So what are you pointing your powerful creative processing mind at?

Are you focusing on old sorrows and getting new sorrows? Focusing on “I can’t do that” (and sure enough) you can’t? Stop doing this to yourself as soon as possible. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re simply dwelling in a very early creative stage and you can move from the cloudiness of doubt into the light of belief as soon as you’re ready.

Most creator children stay within the stormy, messy stage for quite a while–until the creator child learns he is creating his own messes. Once the child gets the “Aha! I am making my own messes!” then the orderly, exciting, joyous, grateful creating begins.

Watch your thoughts and watch your emotions. They are extremely powerful. You are God’s beloved child. You are a perfect and magnificent creator. As God has always intended for you, your future is very bright indeed.       Phil

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