Bad News

Read the newspaper every day if you want to feel bad, helpless, confused. Read a compendium of the top daily news stories over a long period of time, The Chronicles of the 20th Century, 1900-1987–and you cannot help become aware that newspapers have a very narrow focus of reality.

  • War (international, civil, racial).
  • Natural Disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.).
  • Wrecks (esp. of boats, planes and busloads of children).
  • Scandal (political, business, civic officials, and celebrity).
  • Famous Deaths (murder or suicide or accidents).

This is the basic steady diet we partake of in the daily newspapers. There has always been plenty of bad news.

However, you might ask yourself, how many of these sad situations do you experience in your personal life on a regular basis? Are you very often involved in war, disaster, wrecks, scandal or death? Of what does your daily life consist?

Reading the paper: “keeping informed; staying up with the issues.” Also one of our founding American tenets, since earlier historical periods limited information or even suppressed the news if it reflected poorly on those in power. Also we like to discuss current events over the coffee pot. We do need to know how we should vote.

But what if all of this bad news is making you feel bad, helpless, sad, confused and depressed. Can you personally stop war-disaster-wrecks-scandal-death? By thinking about it? Worrying about it? Arguing about it? Blaming about it?

What not take a break from the bad news?

Enjoy some flowers or a good book. The bad news (just like a soap opera)will still be there when you get back. Much will have happened and nothing will be better. The bad news never gets better–it’s always the same–bad.

What would happen if you decided to pray for ten minutes a day for those directly in the spotlight of the bad news? And then focus on the good news of your own life? Making your own ‘little world’ a better place? Would that be worth a try? Can you limit yourself to ten minutes of bad news a day? Or is it possible you like being sad? Just things to think about each brand new beautiful day.       Phil


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