Green Book movie

This is a wonderful Odd-Couple story and somehow an incredible comedy. It’s 1962 and brilliant Black concert pianist, Dr. Don Shirley,played by Mahershala Ali (just won Best Supporting Actor for this role) decides on a concert tour into the Deep South (true story). His chauffeur in a beautiful blue Cadillac is Tony ‘Lip’ Vallelonga, played by Viggo Mortensen who’s just lost his job as a bouncer in a mob-run club in New York City. Tony is good-natured, meat and potatoes and pizza guy and Dr. Shirley is a deific, prince-like being who plays a Steinway piano like a god. Tony likes to eat chicken and smoke while he drives; Dr. Shirley has never eaten fried chicken. The farther south they go, the heavier racism they run into. Tony must protect Dr. Shirley’s dignity and farther south, his life. Of course they are stock characters: the loud-mouth Italian; the super-dignified, super-talented Black; the stupid Southern racism. The brilliance of the movie is that such dark material is blissfully leavened with humor. Great comedian George Carlin said great humor comes from the most painfully taboo subjects. This movie is proof. My judgment of any movie is always: Would I want to see it again? Very rarely would I ever say yes. Green Book I would gladly see again tomorrow.