Why Trump Loses

Donald Trump is a powerful prince of the earth, a born leader. You cannot look away from him; cannot not listen to his amazing words. There is a reason for this. Feisty opponents he dismisses with derisive caricatures as if they were merely cartoons and he is the only real man in the room. Annoying reporters he chews up with a few quick bites of his massive jaws. He is a master illusionist (some might say delusional) when he needs to be. Our current President is a very nice, decent man whose goodness and fairness seem to make him ineffective in this harsh and needy world. So why shouldn’t we switch to a tough, proven, single-combat warrior champion like Donald Trump? The two-fisted hero of the working class, Trump, like George C. Scott delivering Patton, knows how and when to strike a pose of power. But like a great coach, it doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong, it only matters if his team, his followers, believe in him and in his vision of victory. And they do. So we come to that.

Trump has illusions and feeds the illusion that he is leading in the polls and that he is closing fast on the great American power prize, the presidency of the United States. As any great competitor, he really believes that. And if he is not leading in the polls, the polls are rigged. And if he loses the election, the election process is corrupted and rigged. And he really believes that, too. Let’s get real. The polls are not rigged but are simply affected by volumes of noise rather than actual voting muscle. In other words Trump supporters, sure of their man Trump, believe in him, thus they are far more vocal in answering polls and participating in polls. They give the illusion of great swells of voting power. But America will wake up to reality on Tuesday. Be still your heart, trembling America. The Battling Beast will not win. Which brings us to Hilary Clinton, which in the case of Tuesday means, her supporters and her voters.

Hilary’s team is not nearly as confidant as Donald’s team. She’s made so many mistakes; she’s got the email albatross around her neck. So the Hilary team is not as likely to answer to the poll telephone call. So the poll cannot record her hidden strength. Yet Hilary will win because she has a far broader base of supporters than Donald, though far less vocal. However uncertain they may be, when it comes to pulling the Democratic-handle on Tuesday, they will pull the D-handle. And she will win. And Hilary will work hard to be a good president because of all the mistakes and doubters. Because of the mistakes and doubters Hilary will be a good president. Not to mention the fact that she is the first woman president of America–she will try harder.

We can always thank Donald Trump for turning America’s Presidential Election into an amazing worldwide reality show–the greatest show on earth. But late Tuesday night America will say with a thundering freedom voice, “Donald, you’re fired!”